Sunday, 17 August 2014

Life at Arm’s Length: Crippling effects of magnifying our problems

In life we face challenges that can leave us in turmoil about which way to go next. This turmoil leads to anxiety, depression, prescription meds and a lot of counseling sessions. Then one day, you realize you kept going, without even knowing you were pressing your way through. You realize you never gave up, and your light begins to shine!


Here's my story.


 After a recent break up from my fiancĂ©, I felt defeated. I couldn't understand how something that seemed so promising could fail. We both tried with all of the effort we could muster but  eventually, I had to accept the fact that the other half of my relationship had gotten exhausted with trying to make things work, and that the towel had been thrown in.  Evidently I realized fear of failure alone would not foster a healthy relationship. It was time to move on.


The issues in my love life accompanied another very pivotal event in my life. It was time for me to make a decision rather or not I'd reenlist in the military, or separate. I'm deeply unhappy and unsatisfied in the military. I’m talking the type of un-satisfaction that leads to depression and anger. My feelings towards my career effected everyone around me. It was not hard for me to decide on separating.  The feedback I received varied greatly. I got a couple of "'re free!" comments, and other comments such as "the job market is horrible, I'd never get out of the military right now." I've never been one to completely foster anyone else's advice. The truth is, no one would completely understand my ill feelings towards my current career but me!  My adventure of what I'll do next is one that I am excited to embark upon!


So that covers love and career, what else could possibly go wrong? The family recently found out that my father has Colon Cancer.  My father, who I love and cherish with all of my heart, has been a drug addict for the majority of his life. He has never been one to truly take good care of himself. If left up to him, the future looks grim for survival story, but we are a faith based family so in God we place our trust.


These three main topics are the reasons for my newfound humbleness and awareness to those who suffer depression and anxiety. DEPRESSION IS REAL! My relationship with Jesus Christ is the reason why I am able to smile today, write about my failed relationship without crying, continue to seek a fulfilling career and continue to build on my relationship with my father.  These issues are still ongoing in my life, but today life is good. Life is larger than what is only at our arm’s length. Sometimes, we magnify our problems, making them larger than our faith. This is unhealthy and detrimental to our relationship with Jesus Christ. I do not frequent a physical church house. I do not believe going to a designated building is a necessary religious practice, although it is great to fellowship with likeminded others. I base my relationship off of faith and communication with a higher power, my chosen higher power being Jesus Christ.